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Monday, December 03, 2007

Maybe I'm Amazed

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I got up way too late this morning. I love my boys in Black and Gold, but I can't take these Sunday and Monday night games.

This is going to be a light week. No teaching as I have given my students the time to work on their papers and use class time to meet with me with any questions or concerns. So far, I had five students from my early class stop by with questions and drafts for review. One student just stopped by to say hi because he felt weird not coming to class.

I am amazed that I had any students at all. Usually, I end up sitting around doing work or something. I just assumed that no one would seek help, so I brought my laptop with me to get caught up on stuff or just blog. They were actually waiting outside the classroom for me.

Will this trend continue with tomorrow's classes????


Prisca said...

Did you get any word on the classroom evaluation or did I miss it?

Seeking Solace said...

No. Not yet. I send the Dude an email. He is supposed to send me something this week.

Maybe he is still working on those TPS reports!