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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Days After

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Christmas was a very relaxing time for the Boy, Husband and me. We spent Christmas Eve at GML's house enjoying wonderful food and laughter.(Quote of the night..."Did you grow up living under power lines?") GML's boys had a great time visiting with us after they were released from exile. Poor Blue. He barked and barked not just becuase there were people that he could not visit, but there was food that should be him!

Christmas Day was filled with just chilling out at home. We watched DVDs, napped and played with the Boy. We froze the remaining half of our turkey from Thanksgiving, so we dinned on that along with yummy sides. Very yummo!

Husband did a great job on my presents. Books, DVDs, cashmere, Lush products were just some of the items that were for me. The Boy loved his treats and his stuffed rabbit and pheasant. He knew which package contained his gifts. I often wonder how dogs know which gifts are theirs!

Also, thanks again to all my bloggy gift givers. You gals are the best!!!!

Yesterday, Husband went back to work and I avoided the Boxing Day heinousness. Partially because of the crowds, but mostly because I have a cold. I stayed curled up under a blanket reading. Today, I am much better, thanks to Zicam. J and I are going shopping so that we can put a dent in our area's economy. I have some gift cards and coupons that are just screaming to be used. I don't care what the etiquette people say. Gift cards RULE!!!!!