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Friday, December 28, 2007

Shopping and Questions

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I ended up going shopping by myself yesterday. J spent the morning at the doctor, only to learn that she has strep. (What is up with strep 'round here?) Anyway, it was a decent hunt, but I have a question?

Where are all the deep discounts that the news keeps talking about?

I got the 20% coupon (Shout to coo-pin. I am embracing my redneck roots!) in the mail from BBW. I thought "Wow, I am really going to stock up. I always stock up during their after Christmas sale." Well, I think I spent $20.00! Sad, I know. But, there really wasn't the deals that they usually have. Usually, there are tubs all over the store with all kinds of goodies. OK, the $3.00 body cream was a good deal, but there wasn't too many other deals like that. Even the $5.00 Wallflowers was deceiving because only certain wallflowers were covered and disappointed people were tossing the non-sale wallflowers into the bin, making it rather confusing.

It was the same everywhere. The Loft advertised an additional 30% sale merch, which was great. But, that did not include the majority of sweaters. I did buy this, this but in a light blue and this shirt, which was the only item that I got the 30%. And yes, I checked the sale rack, but there was not much there that was not there before Christmas. I did find this sweater at Banana Republic. That led to another question?

Why is there an abundance of XS items? Why is it that the M and L girls of the world have dig and dig through the pile only to be disappointed? I mean, are there that many people who are that size? Or is it just another way for us to feel like crap?

Finally, I picked up a fleece zip jacket at JCP for $8.00 and these cute cords which will look great with the BR sweater. That made me happy.

After a long day, I went home and had leftover Thai from lunch. (Husband took me out to lunch yesterday). A long bath with my new Lush products was in order.

But I have one last question.

Can you have sore muscles from shopping?

I'm serious. My quads are killing me!!!!


Anonymous said...

to answer some of your questions:
-yes you can be sore, esp during sale shopping!
-i need xs and can never find em! maybe i need to move to your city.
-lastly, i have only shopped the sales online since i'm still atrociously sick, and i haven't seen anything good!

RageyOne said...

I totally feel you on the XS sizes! What is up with that? Clearly the clothiers are making too many of those sizes and not those that are most common. sheesh!

AliceAcademic said...

My sister-in-law used to say the same thing as you about the M and L sizes, until she went shopping with me, who wears XS and S. Then we both decided that its more like they never have whatever size it is you are looking for!!

RL friend's friend said...

By the way, Ann Taylor Loft (online) offers professors and teachers 20% off coupons!!! Just go to their website and sign-up!

Seeking Solace said...

Yeah, I used that coupon back in September. I will have to get another one!!!

The History Enthusiast said...

Yes, I too need XS! When I used to work at a major store (that rhymes with RAP), each top would come in the following sizes per size run: 1 XS, 2 S, 3 M, 3 L, 1 XL. If I didn't grab that one XS I was SOL. Of course, my mom (who wears a L) can never find her size either. I really think the Fates are out to get us!