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Monday, November 05, 2007


Posted by Seeking Solace |

Last Thursday, my quiet CT class were supposed to submit an annotated bibliography as part of their research project. Not only did less than half submit the assignment, but less than half showed up for class.

Could this be some kind of passive aggressive behavior? Since I yelled at them on Tuesday, they will not do their work or come to class?

Not smart. Mainly because the annotated bibliography is worth 20 points of the their final grade for the research paper. I don't accept late work unless they clear it with me first. No one did that.

So, many of my students already have a negative deficit for their paper. Some have absolutely no chance of earning an "A" for the paper.

I could be cynical and just say "Sucks to be them." But, I think it's rather sad. I am not saying I feel sorry for them, becuase I don't. I just think it's sad that it has come to this. What's the point? It just hurts them in the end. What does it prove? It reinforces my thought that they just don't give a shit about the course and have little respect for me.

I am not going to say anything about it tomorrow. I am just going to hand back the ones that were submitted. There is no point in banging my head against a wall in trying to have them give a crap about the class.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

You can only do so much.

If you care more about their success than they do, it doesn't make them care any more -- or try any more.

Think about your class in two parts -- the part that cares and the part that occasionally shows up. Focus on the part that cares and if a member of the part that occaionally shows up crosses into the part that cares, be gracious -- but don't let them make-up work.

Abbey said...

I didn't catch the yelling at them post, but you've made your point and they can listen or not. Clearly, there's a good portion that have opted not to care. It's the old adage, you can't make them drink the water.

Ellen said...

If you care more about their success than they do, it doesn't make them care any more -- or try any more.

Inside the Philosophy Facotry - are you selling that on T-Shirts - that may be the best mantra for dealing with student apathy. Very wise (and part of why I got out - even when I could crack the apathy, some of the subsequent profs would reinstall it)