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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mind Blowing

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Try to wrap your minds around this one...

GML's sociology class had a essay due yesterday. One of her students gave her a note which said

Please excuse Stu Dent from turning in her essay. She has been very stressed out and is having a hard time keep up with her coursework.

Stu Dent's Mother

Excuse my bluntness, but ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????

It is unknown if the note was really written by Stu Dent's mother. Stu Dent does not speak or write English very well and the note was written in perfect English. GML has tried to work with this student, including referrals to the Learning Center and meeting with her advisor. Stu Dent has not taken advantage of the help. The powers that be don't seem to care either.

It frustrates me that the college would allow someone with such deficiencies to work toward a degree without some mandatory assistance like language tutoring. But, in my experience at this college, it's all about getting the money with little regard to a student's competency.

I am at a loss on this one.


k8 said...

I'm very stressed. May I be excused from finishing my dissertation? ;-)

Seriously, what is this kid going to do when she has a job?

kayni said...

That gave me a good laugh, but it's also sad. I hope this Stu Dent will work harder on his Stu Dies.

Abbey said...

That's so awesome. I'm with k8 though. I'd like to be excussed from my dissertation as well.

In addition, I had a grad student in my cohort that didn't have English as a first language. I was always torn on how the dept should take care of it. On one side, good for her. On the other side, lord did her teammates on paper projects have to do a lot of rework.

RL friend's friend said...

WTF!!?? If it wasn't so sad, it would be funny.

Anonymous said...

wow. i mean, wow.