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Thursday, September 27, 2007

TV Time

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I should be doing work, but the new TV season is interfering with my work!

  • House just cracked me up! I loved the ransom note for the guitar. But, I think House should have a Fender Stratocaster instead of the Flying V guitar. I do think he needs a new team.
  • SVU was AWESOME. Having Munch in charge was a hoot. Also, I almost completely bought the multiple personality thing, until the moment when they should the law journal. Husband calls that the "Donk, Donk" moment!
  • After watching "Bionic Woman", I want to take up Krav Maga again! I just want to be able to open a case of whoop-ass on someone if I had too!
  • I loved the opening of the Simpsons. Long live Spider Pig. Also, I want the "Hey you, beer me" song!
  • Tonight is Earl, CSI and ER. OK, ER jumped the shark a long time ago, but somehow I get sucked back in.
  • I should probably start watching the Office to see what all the fuss is about.

So, what are you watching??


rented life said...

I can't get into the office. I just don't find it funny. We watch Shark (love it!) CSI and Ghost Whisper (friday). This season we're also looking at Back to You, and some vampire show on Friday nights (just to see if it's cheesy.). I also picked up on Gossip Girls, but haven't decided what I think about that yet.

I would have watched Criminal Minds but with Many Patkin (sp?) gone I feel like there's no point.

Addy N. said...

The Office, baby! OMG, it's so hilarious- it's even funnier when you watch it with the commentaries (on the DVDs). I just got caught up because I didn't start watching until later in Season 2. It's very witty. So funny. I'm also watching Dancing with the Stars. I caught part of Dirty Sexy Money last night and may watch it again, too. I don't watch much network TV, usually. (On HBO, I watch Entourage, Flight of the Conchords, Tell Me You Love Me, Curb Your Enthusiasm)

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Oh, I missed the Simpsons

I agree, House needs a new team, fast! I wanted to cry when they figured out she wasn't who they thought she was.

Geeka said...

I didn't think that House was as good...

I totally agree with you on the guitar choice, he is more 'who' than 'van halen' any day.

I did like the point where he told the only dr. that would talk to him that she reminded him of cameron.

Seeking Solace said...

Geeka: Yeah, did you see hime doing those Townsend-like windmills???

Anonymous said...

the office is totally worth watching!!! start with season one though. i am watching heroes and anxiously awaiting Lost... also, ANTM and Survivor, and well, everything really right now. i have seen all the premieres... i like chuck and journeyman and life for the new ones. and i still gotta watch ugly betty and grey's.