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Monday, September 17, 2007

Home Alone

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As I write this, Husband is headed to a conference in his field. He will be gone the whole week. So, the Boy and I will have to fend for ourselves.

It's so cute how Husband gives the Boy instructions before he leaves for a trip. He tells the Boy that he is to protect his mom at all costs. He is to bite first and bark questions after. And the Boy sits at attention, listening to his marching orders.

Husband doesn't travel for his job as much as he used to. There was a time where he would be gone for two or three weeks straight. Being gone for a week was not too bad. Sure, by the end of the week, I can't wait for him to come home, but when the trips would last longer, I would miss him terribly. And I know he missed me too. Even our previous dog would mope around the house wondering when Daddy was coming home.

Husband has traveled to some great cities in the US and Europe during his career. Even though he would visit sone great places, the most Husband saw was the inside of a plant or testing facility. This time, Husband is hoping that he and his co-workers will have some time to see the sights after all the training classes and seminars.

As for me, I am just hanging out at home and going to work. Maybe a girl's night with GML. It's just as well, 'cause I've got way too much work to do.

And I will miss Husband...

...and the Boy will miss his daddy.


Chaser said...

I hear ya. I "lived" in some great places as a consultant and never saw anything other than my hotel room, board rooms, and construction sites.