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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Baby Steps

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My quiet Critical Thinking class actually had something to say today. I had them do the jury exercise as a demonstration of analyzing issues. The fact pattern was something I created back in law school as part of a seminar project on the death penalty.

I divided them into two separate juries to illustrate the point that we can analyze the same set of facts, yet reach different conclusions. The groups engaged in good conversation during their deliberations, although they did not argue as much as groups have in the past.

They seems to have trouble looking beyond a surface issue to find the true conflict. That really surprised me. Neither jury addressed the underlying issues and circumstances of the main character which is what often happens when I present this exercise. I think I will need to come up with another exercise.

But, I am happy that they are starting to speak up. I even thanked them for their participation.


BrightStar said...

The activity you've been describing sounds really good!

righteous babe said...

yea for them! and you! glad it worked. I may or may not see you tomorrow..btw, we should give ea other our office phone #'s just in case.