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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Speak Softly and Carry a Software Engineer

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I have a new toy. It's name is Junior. It's my new HP laptop. I call it Junior because my desktop in my home office is also an HP. It's a pretty nice system.

Husband helped me pick out Junior. Since is he a software engineer, he is well versed in computer lingo and and tech-speak. So, he was grilling the guy at Circuit City about all the specs. At one point, Husband asked the guy as to why Junior, who has a faster processor and more memory was cheaper that a similar model with a slower processor and less memory. The guy could not explain except to say that the more expensive one looked nicer.

Then, Husband asked the dude what a particular port was used for. When the dude gave the wrong answer, Husband was like "Dude, that is so not what it's for. Let me explain..."

Another issue was whether Microsoft Vista would allow my 2003 version of Works Suite which has Word to run. The clerk was trying to convince Husband that we should just buy Works Suite which has the 2007 version of Word. Well, that would cost between $150.00 and $300.00. depending on the version.

Husband, in his best Chris Rock impression said, "$150.00 dollars for something that I already have and can just download the compatibility upgrade for free...Good Lord, that's a lot of money!"

Anyway, we installed the 2003 software, and of course there was no problem. I can read all my files just fine. I downloaded the compatibility software, and it's all good.

My guy cracks me up! And he always has my back. That's why I love him so much!!!!!


Anastasia said...

ooo i have my own software engineer, too. very handy!

Ellen said...

Welcome Junior!

I'm so enthralled with my new laptop and am thrilled you get to feel the new laptop love. And having such a cool software engineer to help with the purchase makes it that much sweeter...

JustMe said...

aww, i want a software engineer too!