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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What's Going On

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Husband and I are getting ready to go on vacation during the first week in August. I have made a plan to get all of the pre-vacation activities done before we leave. Usually, we are so busy that we put off those things until the last minute, which usually means running around like mad people the day before we leave.

Tuesday was a shopping day. I wanted to go to Old Navy to get flip flops. (Note: they are $2.00 a pair! Go pick up some now!) Then, it was off to the Body Shop to stock up on supplies. I also picked up three tee shirts for Husband at JC Penny's for $5.50 each. I did go to the Ann Taylor Loft. I was able to resist temptation, but let me tell you, it was HARD. There are so many cute things on the sale rack. I should just wait until after I get back from vacation and get some new things for my new job.

In other news, I just received my books for the course I am teaching this fall. I do not like one of the required texts. The book was written in 1983, so I will probably be the only person in the room who gets any of the cultural references, like Dr. Ruth. Plus, the author's premise uses all or nothing logic which is the antithesis of critical thinking. There is nothing on the suggested list that the department provided which gives an alternative view. In fact, the department takes what this author says as gospel. Rented Life told me of a book that does provide a counter opinion. I think I am going to get that book, so I can have some balance.

I spent part of yesterday helping J, the Girl's mom, get ready for a second date with a guy she met a couple of weeks ago. I am her fashion guru. I helped her put together a fab outfit which sadly was the only good part of the date. I guess the guy kept check his cell phone the entire time. Poor thing. She is such a nice girl (I should not say girl because she is only 7 years younger than me!!!) She is so much fun. Even Husband said that he is amazed that no one has snatched her up because she is such a great person. Anyway, she is giving the dude the boot today.

I am also pissed at all of the puff pieces in support of Micheal Vick. If anyone understands "innocent before guilty" is me. However, The indictment is very compelling. We shall see.

The migraines have subsided. Since I have to hoard my Imitrex, I tried Excedrin Migraine. Not as strong as Imitrex, but it did help a little.

Whew. That's a lot of stuff.


RageyOne said...

You are good to resist the buying temptation in Ann Taylor Loft. If I go in the store I am sure to come out with something in a bag. :)

rented life said...

I saw a lot of cute stuff there, including a suit I hope to buy (the cream colored one) before school starts. Must save money.

There are problems with the book I mentioned as well (since I'm reviewing it) but it's at least something to fight back with. I will be e-mailing you....