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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Haven't Got Time for the Pain

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I have been battling minor migraines for the past week or so. Not full blown knife stabbing pain, auras and sensitivity to light and sound that keep me from functioning, but just minor irritating variation of those symptoms. I have been popping meds, but the problem still exisits.

What's worse is that my insurance carrier will only allow four Imitrex tablets in a 30 day period. Obviously, these people have not suffered the horrible effects of a migraine. Otherwise, they would not have such a stupid policy. Even my pharmacist was shocked at such a rule. She even called the insurance company to see if there was some kind of mistake.


When Husband's company was sold last year, we had to go with the New Company's insurance carrier. The new carrier has been a source of constant stress for us. They are giving us grief over my need to see a Rheumatologist for the RA and an Opthamologist for my eye issues. I have been treating with an Rheumatologist since 2001, when I was diagnosed and with an Ophthalmologist since I was two years old. But, they seem to think that we are making this shit up. On top of that, they hardly cover any services and many providers do not take this particular insurance carrier. Every time I mention this carrier, people just cringe and offer thier sympathy.

It is so bad that some of the people Husband works with were considering quiting. Many, including Husband went to management to complain. Thankfully, management has heard them and we will have a new carrier in September.

But that doesn't help my head!

Any of my other migraine friends feeling the pain?


shrinkykitten said...

I think I know who your carrier is - and they are horrible. I once had a client whose insurance changed to it - and I had to find a psychiatrist for the client. I called everyone on their list, and only a few still took that insurance, and those who did would only take one person at a time - so I couldn't find a single psychiatrist in the entire city who would see her and take her insurance. Part of the reason is that they are horrible to their docs they require documentation (extensive documentation) for mental health treatment every 3 sessions or so. Who has time to do that?

I have had a lot of head pain issues this week too - migraines and sinus pain. I think I've said here before that theraflu is my wonder drug - well, I decided to try the liquid form (as opposed to the tea) and it is even better. I got the nighttime kind, and it is awesome. I take it (plus 2 advil), fall asleep for 40 mins or so (if I take it during the day), and wake up headache free. Imitrex works for me too - but it is spendy, and it caused weird side effects for me.

RageyOne said...

:( So sorry you are having those issues with your insurance carriers. I tell ya, I think they must never get sick or have to use their own services.

Good that management, at your husband's company, listened to its employees. I'm sure September can't get here fast enough for you.

Prisca said...

I'm so sorry! That sounds absolutely horrible. I'm sending headache free vibes your way.

kayni said...

I hope you're feeling better today. I understand what you mean about dealing with "shitty" health insurance. I, too, had my incident with them.

TitleTroubles said...

I've been struggling with migraine-y head since the middle of last week. I'm really sensitive to weather fronts approaching, so I think that's a big part of my problem. But, yep. Heavier on the Maxalt than usual. (And thus, lighter on the food--it always makes me a bit ill.)

Anonymous said...

i am so sorry your insurance sucks and you don't feel good... is there some way you can get samples from your doctor? at least a couple? hope you feel better..

Addy N. said...

Don't we have wonderful insurance in this country? Jeez- that sucks. I have not been having migraines, but that is sticking with my usual pattern of ONLY getting them at home (maybe I should move?) I am still in migraine season, but the last few weeks have been good. I hope yours clear up soon. Take care.

rented life said...

you know, as we've talked about, that I totally get you with the insurance. It sucks. I've been in headache land this week too. Sorry. They don't know what mine are though. Hope you feel better soon