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Monday, July 23, 2007

Adventures in Doggie-Sitting

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Yesterday and today, I am dog sitting the Girl. Her mom had to go out of town to a funeral and the Girl does not have her kennel cough shots that are requred for boarding. J gave me the keys and instructions and I am going back and forth between our houses. Luckily, J lives next door!

At dinnertime, Husband and I went over to feed the Girl. As we opened the door, she let out this vicious growl, turned around and ran to hide! Once she realized who it was, like a the Lab that she is, it was kisses all around.

This morning, I let the Boy out before I went to check on her. When I let her out, she immediately went to the fence that divides our yards to play the 'chase game" with the Boy. So cute! Later this morning, I will go over to play with her and let her hang out in the yard.

ETA: Here is a pic of the Boy and the Girl. I had to leave the Boy in his yard because of his doggie pink eye. It was hard to get them both in the shot. They were distracted when another dog dared to walk past their houses!!!!

The Girl misses her mom. Even though she wants to play, she keeps looking around for J. J should be back this afternoon, so I am sure it will be a wonderful homecoming.


doggy mama said...

Awww, how cute that they play a chase game through the fence!! They look so cute together. I am sure she misses her mommy!