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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gone to the Cats

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Yesterday was my first day working with the kitties.

The owner of the Boy's daycare, M, is a trainer and behavior specialist who also rehabs cats and kittens from the local SPCA. She has about 20 cats and kittens at the facility. Many of the cats have issues that prohibit them from being adopted. Some have aggression issues. Some have never been socialized with people. There are also kittens who were abandoned by thier mothers. Some of the cats can roam the kitty area without restriction. These kitties are scheduled to go to their new homes in the next day or two.

One such case was a beautiful black short hair male named Midnight. This was his second time with M. He was returned to the SPCA for aggression toward people. M. told me that the SPCA wanted to euthanize him because they were afraid that he would not be adopted. M. told me that there was no way that one of her rehab cases was going to Rainbow Bridge before his time. So, she worked with him some more and he is a wonderful cat. I think his new owner will have to understand that there are times that Midnight may not want to be touched. But, he is a very nice cat.

There is also a room that has several crates with cats. These cats are also going to their new homes soon or have issues with other cats. They need the most loving! So, I went from crate to crate, gently taking each cat out for play and snuggling. There were a couple that did not want to come out, so we played inside the crate. I would reach in and give belly rubs and ear scratches! When I started playing with one, I would hear all the others kitties meowing as if to say 'Oh, pet me next!" Some would poke thier paws through the crates, trying to get my attention.

Finally, the kittens. There are three kittens in a separate crate. One poor little girl needed some extra attention. She tends to sit in the litter when she poops, so she had dried poop on her butt. I tried to clean the poop from her butt, but it was a little painful and scary. So, M had to take the hose and gently spray her butt. She cried like a baby. Afterward, I wrapped her in a big fluffy towel. She snuggled right in, and fell asleep in my arms!

After two hours of play, it was time for me to go home. I visited with the daycare dogs while I waited for Husband to pick me up. The Boy gave me a complete inspection, trying to figure out when I had been. I grabbed a shower in my newly remodel bathroom and threw my clothes in the wash so that Husband would not have an allergic reaction. I was actually tired from all the fun.

I can't wait to go back!


a creature from the deep... said...

awww this sounds lovely :) as a fellow cat-lover it is heartening to hear stories of people keeping great company. hope you don't mind me stopping by!