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Thursday, April 05, 2007

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I got an email from an attorney friend. It was a posting from the local chapter of the State Women's Bar Association. Guess who is looking for an attorney to teach in their paralegal former employer!

When I worked there, I did not teach paralegal students. I taught business and HR majors. Also, I taught at the Downtown Campus. This would be a different type of student, so the small bit of idealist in me says that perhaps things would be different. I would actually teach the courses in the same way that most law courses are taught. So, there is no "dumbing down" the subject matter. The paralegal courses are taught at the North Suburban Campus of the college which is only five minutes from my house. Also, I would have a different boss, not the Bitch that fired me.

So, I called the director of the program and left her a detailed voice mail, explaining my background with emphasis on the fact that I have taught at the school for the past three years. I also sent her an email with my CV and references.

Am I crazy for wanting to go back to the place that dumped me? Granted , it was the Bitch who dumped me, but let's not argue semantics. The entire system let me down. Why would I want to go back to that???

Also, I contact a couple of colleagues who still teach at the college. I asked them to "put in the good word" for me. It's totally against my nature. But, I am afraid that the Bitch might give me a bad reference. Do I have reason to think that she would? A little. We butted heads the entire time she was in charge. And let's not forget how I got dumped.

OK, speak to me! I know you guys have some good advice for me!


Astroprof said...

Going back to the place might not give you the warmest of feelings, but if what you want to do is teach, then there is an opportunity. And, then you can leave on your own terms later if you wish.

BrightStar said...

Well, I say, why not apply? You might as well put your application out there. Give it a shot!

If it were me, I'd have a challenge working there due to the additional baggage I would be carrying emotionally due to the previous situation. If I was going to work there again, I'd want to try to talk with the person who fired me and come to a new understanding (after I was offered the new position).

Also, you can always withdraw your application if you decide later you don't feel comfortable with applying.

joy said...

What FW did to you was so unfair and if this were to be, you could have your just desserts.

1) It would be in a new environment
2) New boss
3) You have colleagues who support you there.
4) Like Astroprof said, it's an opportunity for you to do what yo

RageyOne said...

I would definitely go for it! You've already noted the differences of this place as compared to the previous program you were teachin in and I think that makes a big difference. Plus, you seem really passionate about teaching and, clearly, the Bitch didn't appreciate your teaching. I think if you are upfront and honest with those folks, sounds like you've already done so, then you have a good chance.

I wish you all the best! Good luck!

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Sure, why not? I can think of lots of good reasons to try:

1) you wouldn't have to move
2) It's a nice familiar place to work, and you already know how to do everything
3) you can give The Bitch a smirk and a finger if you pass her in the hallway

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I think your usuall excellent work will be the best revenge.

I hope you get the job.

Seeking Solace said...

Thanks everyone. I would LOVE to give the Bitch the ultimate FU by getting rehired!

One of my colleagues emailed me back and said she would talk to the Dean of the campus where I would be working. This colleagues' s son was also a student in one of my classes. He was one of the best students I had. He is working on his BS degree at that campus too and works there. He said he would put a good word in for me too.

Keep your fingers crossed.