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Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday Dog Blog: My How You Have Grown!

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Frankie, my friend GML's little boy, is getting so big! He is such a good puppy! He is the star of his puppy class. He is just a bundle of energy and oh so smart! Frankie loves playing with Eli, his big brother (a 3 year old Golden). According to GML, Eli is a good big brother to Frankie and there is not jealousy between them.

Today is an important day for Frankie. He is having THE surgery today. GML's husband is a little sad for the little guy. Even Husband sent condolences to Frankie. It must totally be a guy thing!


doggy mama said...

Look at that adorable face! It's no wonder he's the star of his puppy class!

I hope The Surgery went OK for the little guy. It's such an important surgery to have, for the good of the animal population, but it can't be fun for the pups (especially the males)!