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Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Dog Blog: Speak!

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What's ruff, everyone. It's the Boy! My mom said you had some questions for me. I was just about to take a nap, but OK, here goes...

Do I have any girlfriends or crushes?

I love the ladies. My mom says that I am a total playa! My main bitch, Nestle the Chocolate Lab, lives next door. There is also Hershey the Lab/Dachshund who lives down the street. I used to have a thing for Zoey the Dalmatian who lives two streets over, but she is mad at me. She growled at me that last time I walked past her house. Right now, I have a crush on Gretta, a Weimaraner at my play group. She makes my tail thump! Mom says she is thankful that I am fixed, 'cause she doesn't want to pay puppy support.

Where is the best place to meet other dogs?

My mom takes me to playgroup once a week. I get to hang out with my buddies Bear, a Rottweiler and Duke, a Lab mix. I also met a really cool Irish Setter, named Dieter. That's also were I met Gretta.
This is a pic of me wrestling with Duke. He's just a puppy, so I have to go easy on him

Last time, I got into a fight with a German Shepard named Brock. He was barking trash at me 'cause I wasn't a pure German Shepard. I wanted to kick his ass, but mom stopped me. She thinks I would get hurt 'cause Brock is twice my size. I say it's not the size of the dog but the size of the growl!

Ass scratch or ear scratch?

Ear scratch. I used to be afraid of anyone touching my ears. My previous owners let thier kids pull on my ears, so the first time my Dad tried to scratch my ears, I cried. Now I know my mom and dad would never hurt me, so I can't get enough! I love belly rubs best of all!

Favorite Toy?

Goosey. Mom says he looks like a real Canadian Goose. I don't care 'casue he's fun to chew. I also love my tug rope. Dad and I love to play tug-o-war.

Favorite place to sleep?

My bed in the dinning room. There is lots of sun that comes through the window. It's has a bolster back which is nice on the back.

Can you convince my parents to by me this?
It's a heated bed with built in massage. WOOF!!!!

How does it feel to be the cutest Boy on the block?

Just the block? I am the cutest Boy in the world!

Ball or Frisbee?

Ball. It's hard for my mom get it from me when we play fetch!

Ruff, Ruff, Woof?

Are you barking trash at me?

OK, I gotta go now. Those damn squirrels are my backyard again. Smell ya' later.


Anonymous said...

heheh. so funny/cute.

glad you finally got some talk time, Boy.

Kai said...

I think Boy needs his very own blog!!!

Thanks for blogging Boy!!!

Chaser said...

Totally handsome. And urbane.

Alice said...

too cute -- as always ;)

Doggy Mama said...

Love the interview questions, Boy!

And I agree with Kai - The Boy needs his own blog!!

Great photos!!! Happy doggy pictures always make me smile. These are extra cute!! :)

comebacknikki said...

Play on, playa! :)