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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday Bullets of Crapola

Posted by Seeking Solace |

  • I am still taking questions for the Boy. So far, only Comebacknikki has posted a question. I will ask the Boy your questions and post them on this Friday's "Friday Dog Blog.
  • I am not listening to my favorite local talk radio show. The host can sometimes be a jackass, and today he is living up to that title. He thinks that people who seek counseling for various issues are just wasting their time. His theory is that why talk to someone who has no better insight about a situation than you. Gah.
  • I think either Chris or Lakeisha will go tonight on AI.
  • Did anyone watch House last night? I somehow have to work the line "I am not going to fall into the vortex of your insanity" into my repertoire!
  • I am having lunch with Awesome Former Colleague tomorrow. She is going to give me all the dish from my Former Employer.
  • I need to work on a cover letter for a position at Very Large Southern University. This would be a great opportunity for me. Also, it's in an area where Husband would have no trouble finding a job. We would also love to live in this state. I am still waiting on three other possibilities, all out of state. There is just not much opportunity in my area of the world.
  • I've had monster cramps for three days now. Blah!
  • I need to shop for new bed pillows. There is just no loft left in the ones I have.
  • The Boy is not feeling well. He threw up this morning and late Monday night. I am wondering if he caught a bug at the kennel last week. I am feeding him a bland diet of boiled ground meat and rice to see if that helps. If he throws up again, I am going to call his vet. He seems to like having his Mom cook his dinner, though!


sheepish said...

Question for the Boy: Ruff ruff, woof?

Anastasia said...

i did watch house. i just love the relationship between house and wilson. both characters are so complex and they're sympathetic without necessarily being good people. their relationship is complicated, too.

besides that, it's damn funny.

Prisca said...

Lots o'doings at your house. I hope you get the scoop you want from your friend. Any chance you might be applying for a position in my area?

Ask The Boy to post a photo of the best place to meet other dogs. :)

Weezy said...

Which is better--- ass scratch or ear scratch?

(And that is for the boy btw)

Phdladybug said...

Favorite toy? (for the boy!)

And favorite place to sleep (also for the boy!)

Hope he's feeling better! Woof!

JustMe said...

hope your cramps ends soon, that sucks!

my question for the boy: how does it feel being the cutest dog on the block?

wolfa said...

I did not like House all that much this week. Though the interactions between House and Wilson continue to be excellent. (The "it's your fault for not sending him home to be with me" was dumb, but it was neither of the two who said it.)

I did, however, like that line.

Good luck for the position at Southern University. And I hate cramps. Three days seems totally unfair.

doggy mama said...

Question for the boy: Ball or frisbee?

Poor boy, being sick. My Big Boy Bismarck had a little something funky earier this week with his tummy. I'm hoping everything is OK now... he seems good.

I have pretty scattered thoughts today, too, on my blog!! One of those days! :)

Seeking Solace said...

Thanks everyone for the questions. I will ask the Boy and post them on Friday. He is taking a nap right now!

Prisca: Nope, sorry but it is a state that is next to you and has two words in it's name.

Wolfa: Why didn't you like this week's House?

Anastasia and Wolfa: I love the banter that goes back and forth between House and Wilson. It just cracks me up. But I am getting tired of the Chase and Cameron thing. Seems like a cheesy way to integrate thier real life relationship into the show.

wolfa said...

The medicine was stupid. I'm not a doctor, and I can tell it was stupid. Seriously, I don't mind the concept of them making a mistake and a patient dying -- probably time for that to happen. But not noticing a huge open sore? Her not feeling it even when she was in extra pain? This was clearly malpractice, not something that can just go wrong.

The Chase-Cameron thing bores me, and the potential Cuddy-anyone relationship worries me. They need to have external characters for relationships. Characters who then *leave*. (Like Wilson's cancer patient, or Foreman's nurse.) Cuddy should not end up in a relationship with House, or even have sex with him.

I am sad at how House is just not as good as it used to be.