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Monday, June 26, 2006

Starting Up A Brand New Day

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I am trying to have a better attitude about everything that is going on in my chaotic life. This is what I have figured out so far.

1. I never got a chance to fully recover after last semester. I only had one week of between the spring and summer sessions. (My college is on a tri-mester system.) Even though I spent the week in Aruba, I had to hit the ground running when I got back. So, I am running on fumes right now.

2. Things will be a little better now that the DI is no longer at my campus. She found another job. Her reign of terror is now over. Maybe atmosphere at my college will reflect a real college instead of an elementary school.

3. Students will just be students. Some are good, some are bad and some are just plain dumb.

4. Whatever happens with Husband's job, we will survive. We have made it through two job downsizing scenarios in 16 years and bounced back into a better position, despite the fact that the job market here really sucks.

So there you have it. Now, I have to work on midterm grades. I am not bending this semester. Students are going to have to realize that if you submit crap, you will get crap in return in the form of a poor grade.

Thanks to all my blog friends for all your kind words. You are the best!!


Jesse said...

Sounds like your approaching things they right way.

I find when I manage to accept all the crappy things in life that I have little control over I feel very content.

I am feeling that way today, although, by rights, I should be livid. AHhh Monday. You wont get to me today.

Astroprof said...

With the DI gone, hopefully things will be more college-like. However, the other administrators will still be there. It seems that colleges across the country are getting more like public schools. I think that the attitude comes from administrators who are getting degrees in college administration from the same places that grant teaching degrees.

Ellen said...

I am pulling for you! I need to write you a real email soon.

BrightStar said...

I admire your strength and positive attitude. I'm hoping for the best with respect to your husband's professional situation, too.

pi said...

Sounds like you are putting things in the proper perspective. It's so easy to get caught up in catastrophizing--been there, do that, all the time.

Ianqui said...

Oh, thank goodness she's gone. She really sounded like a nightmare. Hope the next one's better.

Seeking Solace said...

Inaqui: Yeah, she was evil. When I found out she was leaving I could not help but sing "Ding Dong the witch is dead!"

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

YEA on DI going elsewhere -- what a mess she was.