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Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's all good

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With the semester almost over, I feel like I am in a good place. The Project from Hell is winding down nicely. My group presented our project the other day, and it was very well received. All that is left is to put the finishing touches on the group paper, which my co-editor and I are working on right now. Also, there is a short reflective piece that I must write about my group and self experience. I can crank that piece out in an afternoon. I am not taking classes this summer, mainly because there isn't anything being offered in my program. But, I do plan to do some reading and studying for quant methods, which I am taking in the fall.

I got good news from the RA doc this morning. All is well on that front. No inflammation markers or joint damage. She wants to decrease on of my meds, mainly because of the weight loss, but also because I've been doing so well. I think this will go better than the attempt by my primary doc to decrease my depression/anxiety meds. That started out OK, but ultimately failed.  We'll see how it goes with the RA meds. Any decrease in my walking pharmacy status is a good thing. The RA doc is still fine with my running. In fact, she is excited that I plan to run in the local arthritis walk.

Running is going well. Still keeping the weight off. Junior is happy. Husband is happy.

So, I'm good...for a change.

I am trying to embrace this feeling of "life is good" rather than looking for something to bad to happen. Live in the moment, if you will. This is hard for an eternal pessimist whose mantra is "yeah, but..

I'm trying. And that's the first step.