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Friday, January 23, 2015

The Response To The Riffs

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Just like Wayne with his My I Help You riff, I got responses to my two May I Help You riffs.

Riff #1 was in response to a faculty position. The head of the department told me that she would love to have me as part of the full-time faculty. But, the department is trying to move the program from a concentration to a major. This requires a certain percentage of PhD's within the faculty, which they currently do not have. In fact, they are having a tough time finding a qualified candidate. I do not have a PhD in the field. If they had at least one PhD, then it would be a different story. At the same time, the program is hurting for instructors to pick up the slack, so she told me that she would keep me in mind for an adjunct gig for the Fall.

OK...I'm cool with that. I understand why I can't be full-time in that department for now. And, knowing that there's the possibility of additional classes is also good.

Riff #2 was in response to what I have dubbed Job That I Really Want.  Job That I Really Want is a faculty/administrative position, which entails running a program at HBCU.  I have experience and the credentials for this program. Also, it's in line with my PhD studies. It's an idea job for me and I for it. I had applied back in August for the position, but did not hear anything. I resubmitted my application when I saw that the position was still open. I emailed the HMFIC and also left the "May I Help You" phone message. 

Yesterday, the HMFIC called me to follow up on my messages. She said that the position was still open because have yet to find someone who is the right fit for the position. She also said that she did not recall receiving my application packet from HR (no surprise there). She wanted me to resent all of my documents again to her, as she has been drowning in email. She informed me that the committee is meeting next week to discuss the matter and she would present my application. The position needs to be filled sooner, rather than later. Of course, I did my very best to showcase why I would be ideal for the job. She was very receptive and we had a very nice conversation.

When I got off the phone, I let out a very loud "WOOHOO!", which no doubt scared Junior a little. Mommy doesn't often yell that loud, unless her boys in Black and Gold are playing.

I am very excited about the possibilities as a result of these phone calls. I don't want to get too excited or get my hopes too high. But it's the best news that has come out of my lobbying campaign for a full-time gig at HBCU.

So yeah..I am doing a little happy dance.


manu said...

ooohhh! *fingers crossed!*