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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Just a little craziness around here

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Things are a little crazy in the Waiting Room...

  • I took the GRE again, I raised my quantitative score another five points. My verbal score stayed the same and I raised my essay score. I did not study for the verbal section this time. 
  • I finished my application for full admission to the PhD program. Husband loves my personal statement. It's a very honest look at why I am doing all of this. 
  • I submitted my last paper for my PhD course. 
  • Husband has been adjusting to his new job.
  • We went to Redneckville for Thanksgiving and Husband's high school reunion. Husband got a kick out of how many guys look more like Dr. Evil, while he still has his hair. It's a salt and pepper look, but he has HAIR!
  • Still nothing on the job front for me. I am waiting to hear something at a CC in a neighboring county. Looks like I will not be teaching at HBCU in the Spring. 
  • My students at HBCU are actually doing a good job. They have been relatively quiet, although I am sure things will ramp up this week with their project being due on Friday. 
  • I do have one student who has legitimately dealt with every conceivable tragedy this semester. All of his instructors are working with him to help him finish strong. He is a really good student. 
  • I have not been running as much as I would like. The weather has not cooperated.  I suppose I could run on my treadmill, but..well...see the list above. Junior and I have walked or did a light run, but not at training level. 
  • That means I may not do the Arthritis run this weekend. If the weather is good, I might sign up on race day and see how it goes.
  • Junior is just being Junior.  He has lost another two pounds. The vet said that he should be around 80. Currently, he is at 88 pounds. He was at 95!
I think I will be able to exhale on December 15th.

After that, I am not sure what I will be doing.