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Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Posted by Seeking Solace |

I just about flipped my shit today.

I glanced at the offerings at HBCU for the spring semester. When I saw the course that I teach, my name wasn't there. Instead, there was Some Dude, another adjunct.

Excuse me?

I knew that there was the possibility of layoffs at HBCU. The president mandated layoffs to help balance the budget. As an adjunct, I am expendable. But, not seeing your name next to the course you teach is a pretty shitty way of finding out that you are cut. And to see another adjunct's name? Truly a WTF moment.

In trying to keep my emotions in check, I emailed my department chair. In my most professional "WTF" manner, I asked "WTF".  I got a email, in which the department chair asked me to call.At this point, I'm thinking that this is it. I am about to get cut.

The chair told me that at the time he hired me, he had also hired Some Dude to teach the course. The person backed out because he did not want to teach the course online. So, the chair went with me, who was willing to teach the course online. At that same time, the chair had promised Some Dude that the next time the course was offered on site, Some Dude had dibs. Chair did not think to ask me if I would be available to teach on ground.

Um, did you even think to ASK?

That led to a conversation in which I reminded Chair that I've not only taught this particular course for over 10 years, but I've taught it on ground. Also, I am a trained teacher (BS in Education), so I have been "classically trained" in the art in how to teach. And, part of my research interests in my doctoral program is strategies for effective teaching of the law at the undergraduate level. Finally, my schedule is pretty open, given that I am currently doing the PhD thing. On ground or online, I can do it.

Translation: If you had TALKED to me...

The end result is that Some Dude will be teaching the course that I teach on ground in the Spring. If there is a demand for another section, I will teach that class online. In the summer, I have dibs for future on ground courses.

And, just to show that I am not a complete bitch, I extended the olive branch to Some Dude that if he needed any assistance with the course, he is free to let me know. I also told Chair that I understand that he had given Some Dude his word about teaching the course. I can appreciate that. For me, a person's word is their bond.

Anywho, the whole thing sucks. I do not have a gig for the Spring. I've applied again at local CC to teach the same course that I am teaching now. This is also the same CC that failed to read my CV. Not sure what going on with that, as I have not heard anything back from them. Otherwise, I will keep looking.

 Flipping of shit avoided. But, I am still a little pissed off.


Miss Dazey said...

I think I'd be really mad over this. I'm sure you handled it much more professionally than I would. Let's hope a better and bigger opportunity comes along.

JaneB said...

I would be furious about that! Talk about poor communication skills... hoping something better comes along soon!

Seeking Solace said...

Thanks! Believe me, there was some cussing that was going on from my end. I think I may have scared Junior, just a little.

I am still pretty pissed off.