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Thursday, October 09, 2014


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Well, I survived...

The test was OK. As I expected, I did fine on the verbal, but so-so on the quantitative. On the plus side of things, Husband helped me raise my quantitative score five points. Mentor Prof wants me to take the exam again, to raise my quantitative score. I've heard rumors that there is a certain score that the program will accept, and I am not far from reaching that score. With that in mind, I am taking the test again next month.

You know what's funny? I am OK with taking it again. With all of my bitching, moaning and meltdowns over the entire process, I am really OK with taking it again. I know what I am dealing with and how to best attack it. Husband says he will help me again with the math, which I am VERY grateful, Mentor Prof says that she will put in a good word about me to the committee and tell them the effort that I am putting toward making all of this happen.

I did decide to forgo presenting at the conference that accepted my proposal. I just need to focus on prepping for Round 2. Also, I have a ton of work with the course that I am currently taking. And, I cannot forget about my lambs in the course that I teach. I just have way to much on my plate and something has got to go. It sucks that I won't be going, but since they are not going to publish my paper in their journal, going to the conference to only speak seems like a waste of time and money.

It's been a couple of rough weeks. But, it's midterm break right now. I will have a chance to recharge a little before next week when the world begins to get crazy. So, I am going to enjoy some breathing room for a moment, then hit the ground running.