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Monday, July 28, 2014

What's It Gonna To Take?

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I received an email from a local CC letting me know that despite having numerous qualified applicants, they were looking for someone who best fit their requirements. Therefore, I was not selected for an interview.

Really? I thought I hit all the requirments for the position. Let's see...

  • I've taught the course in question for many years and I am teaching it currently
  • I have experience with online learning. 
  • I have all of the educational and employment requirements. (Those of you who know me IRL know my history.)
  • I have devoted my academic work to adult learners, which includes my PhD studies
  • I have a stellar teaching record.

Yep. I can see why I didn't get an interview. I am seriously under-qualified (Insert sarcastic look of disgust.)

I can understand having many applicants for the position. But, did anyone really look at my CV and other materials? I sent an email to HR, inquiring what deficiencies were present in my application, so that I could address them. I seriously doubt I will get a response.

If meeting all the requirements, and then some, is not enough to even get an interview, what's it gonna take?

Because, I have no idea.


chicago foodie girl said...

Ugh, that really stinks. I was in a similar situation back when I was at Small College (5 years of teaching there, all educational/employment requirements, consistently high teaching record); however, I didn't get an interview. I got the same BS "so many applicants" line when I inquired as to why and then subsequently watched them hire someone just out of grad school with nothing more than TA experience.

After being turned down twice during my 7 years there, I had a long conversation with a few other adjuncts who had been there closer to 10 years. They both were in the same situation and said that they weren't even bothering with trying to interview anymore because it was obvious the dept. chair had already pegged them as adjuncts & that they were never going to move out of that role (SC *never* hired their adjuncts for f-t positions). They functioned super well as adjuncts, so why change a good thing? I think the same thing happened to me... maybe your department has some of the same shortsighted mentality?

Seeking Solace said...

I definitely think the is the problem at HBCU. If I move to the social sciences department, the business department loses me. So that makes sense. The social science department has two positions that they are having trouble filling. Although I don't have my PhD, I can teach a few of the courses in both program with a JD. But, that would take someone thinking way past any box.

The position at CC was posted back in January. So, my guess is that there were a ton of applications over a six month period. Rather than weed through them over that six month period, they just took the 10-15 most recent and sent everyone else the same email I got. My guess is no one even looked at it.

Nitewriter said...

When I send cover letters, I include a two-column section where I list specific requirements for the job and my qualifications for those requirements. Since doing that, I've gotten more positive responses to job inquiries/applications. Sometimes they need to see that side-by-side.

Seeking Solace said...

Nitewriter: That's a really good idea. I always break everything down in paragraphs. I will have to try that. Thanks!!!!!