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Saturday, April 05, 2014

New Suit

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I need to buy a interview suit.

No, I don't have an interview. But, I am thinking I should get one, just in case.  I did apply for the position at PhD U and I am still waiting to hear something from CC about an adjunct gig. So, there is the possibility of an interview at some point. I figured I would do it now, rather than waiting until the last minute and settling on something I don't like.

I do not have a lot of professional clothing left in my closet. All of my suits were purged in the big closet clean out, with the exception of my Supreme Court suit. There is no way I will ever part with that suit. But, it  needs to go to the tailor to be altered. It's a size 16 and I am now a size 4/6. With work and class, I haven't been able to get to the tailor. It is on my to-do list for after the semester is finished. As far as professional clothes, I have a pair of black dress pants, a black skirt, a couple of blouses and a few cardigans. I didn't see the need to buy a lot of professional stuff seeing as I teach online. I don't go to campus that much, and if I do, what I have in my professional wardrobe works. But, as far as an interview goes...not so much.

 I am sort of ambivalent about shopping for a suit, which is really weird because I love fashion and shopping. Also, I should be excited to shop in my new size. I think what is bothering me is the thought of going through the whole interview dance. Having to put on the charm to show someone that I am the greatest thing since sliced white bread. I know all the buzzword, all the ins and outs of the interview process.  I know how to dazzle people with brilliance and baffle them with bullshit.

I know how to play the game.

It's kind of nauseating.

I suppose I should just channel some positive energy and really take my time to find something that is going to be flattering. Something that makes me look confident and fierce. Something that tells the world "You would be a fool not to hire me."

Who knows...this could be the start of a new professional wardrobe.


Shells said...

Do you need a suit of for it really or would something more casual work?

Or do you just want a suit because you need it to feel fierce?

Seeking Solace said...

Good question. I need the suit for interviews. One of the position I applied for is high level administrative position, so it would be more appropriate than what I have. What I have currently would work for an adjunct interview.

Also, I can use the pieces as separates. I usually buy suits that way.

Feeling fierce in it would be the cherry on top. :)

Shells said...

:). Something to be said for that for sure.