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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day #6: Junior's Story

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Hi everyone. It's me, Junior. Mom says that she is too tired to write, so she asked me to do. Not sure how that's gonna work, since I don't have thumbs...

I'm a three year old German Shepherd. My mom and dad adopted me from a very nice rescue who saved me from what they call a "kill shelter".  I don't know what I did to be in a "kill shelter". I was just a puppy, so I don't remember much. I do remember when the Rescue Lady came and took me and a couple of other dogs with them to this wonderful place in the country.

I liked the rescue place. There were lots of other dogs there for me to play with. The rescue people would take me for long walks and give me lots of attention. Lots of people would come and visit me and the other dogs. Some of my dog friends would go with the people who would visit and I would never see them again. That made me sad.

The Rescue Lady would say that she couldn't understand why no one wanted to adopt me. Surely someone wanted a German Shepherd. Some people cane to look at me, but no one took me home. Most people wanted little dogs, not a big dog like me. One guy took me home; he was what the call a "foster". He liked German Shepherds, so he said he would see if I would like to live with him. It was OK at first, but Foster Man traveled a lot, so he sent me back to the rescue. I was sad. I had been at the Rescue for four or five months. I didn't think anyone wanted to be my special human.

One fall day, a man and woman came to the rescue. They said that their dog, the Boy, had gone to Rainbow Bridge. They missed having a dog in their lives, and they were looking for a big dog. The lady said she saw my picture on something called the Internet. and wanted to know if I was still at the Rescue. The Rescue Lady said that I was still available.

The Rescue Lady brought me to meet the man and woman. Like most German Shepherds, I can be very aloof when meeting new people. I have to check them out to see if they are nice people. The man seemed nice, but I didn't want to get me hopes up, so I kind of snubbed him. I probably should have done that because I heard him say how he would love to have a little buddy to going hiking in the woods, something I love to do. The lady came down to my level. She talked to me in soft tones.
She rubbed my ears; I really liked that. She took me for a walk around the grounds. After our walk, she told me to sit. When I sat, she told me I was a good boy and sat next to me. She said that if I came home with her and the man, she wold make sure that I would happy and healthy for the rest of my life. She said that I would be spoiled rotten. Then she said those words I would never forget.

"I promise to love you forever."

That was it. I nuzzled her gently. The man came over and I nuzzled him too. I found my humans.

I went home with the man and woman that night.

I've been with my Mom and Dad for two years now, but it seems like I've been with them forever. There is nothing like having your own special humans who think you are the best dog in the universe. My Mom and Dad do spoil me...don't tell them I said that!  I know they love me very much.  I am so thankful that they came to the rescue to give me a forever home.

I promise to love them forever.