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Saturday, November 02, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day #2: One at a Time

Posted by Seeking Solace |

One holiday at a time...PLEASE!

It drives me crazy that it's only November 2nd and Christmas is in the air. Some of the madness started even before Halloween. There is a commercial for a craft store that is running which starts out saying it's only one month until Christmas.

Um, no it's not. Did you folks forget that after October comes NOVEMBER?

There's a house in my neighborhood that put up their Christmas lights last week. I'm not taling about orange and purple lights for Halloween. I mean Christmas icile lights!!!


It seems that Thanksgiving is slowly going the route of New Year's Day. A holiday that people don't really care about anymore. New Year's used to be a day where you hung out, watched parades and college bowl games. Now, you shop the continued "After Christmas" sales.

Now, people go shopping ON Thanksgiving. Stores are opening in the early evening so that people can get a jump on all of those wonderful sale items, which there are only three in the store, while plowing over their fellow human being.

Giving thanks my ass!

Thanksgiving is about being with loved ones and being grateful for fact that you are about ground. It's a time to stop the day to day madness...and watch some football, the Macy's parade and the National Dog Show. It is not the time to buy a bunch of crap that will most likely be cheaper closer to Christmas.

Just today, I was shopping the local mall.  The Christmas decorations were on full display. Christmas carols could be heard throughout Macy's. I stopped in Bath and Body Works, looking for replacement wallflowers. I like the fall scents that are out, and I wanted to get more. There were slim pickings for the fall scents, but the holiday ones were in full display. Even the Hickory Farms and Calendar kiosks were open for business.

Again...It's NOVEMBER!

I, for one, refuse to short-change Thanksgiving and the month of November. There will be no Christmas anything until the day after Thanksgiving.  It's about time people start giving November and Thanksgiving a little love and respect.


Rebecca said...

Hear, fucking hear. And you know what bugs me most about Christmas shit being out earlier and earlier all the the time? It's that all of it is related to the consumerism part of the holiday, not at all what it's supposed to be about.

I'm not at all religious these days, but just like the original intention of Thanksgiving is about love and gratitude, so should Christmas revolve around peace and goodwill. Both holidays are now almost entirely taken over by shopping - which is pretty much the exact opposite of what either of those holidays should be about.

I don't really celebrate either of them. And though that's more down to my own personal issues, I still wouldn't mind being surrounded by reminders of either holiday at its proper time and for a decent amount of time. But because they've both deteriorated into mass materialistic hypocrisy, I am mostly just irritated by so much of it. And I resent being robbed of the uplifting joy they both used to bring. Bah fucking humbug.

chicago foodie girl said...

Ugh, I am SO with you on this! It's bad enough that they mow over Thanksgiving in their attempt to entice you to spend, spend, spend, but now they've practically wiped out most of Halloween. So not cool.

rented life said...

I agree on all, except the calendar part. It takes me about two months to pick one, so I don't mind the extra time looking :) When we shopping for Fall decorations in the beginning of October and the stores were nearly picked out. I saw Christmas commercials before Halloween even happened. Thanksgiving is a pretty big deal in that we always see family, but even some of my extended family has fallen into the shopping nonsense. (I don't go out for that shit--the "savings" that aren't really real, aren't worth the stress or my life.)

Seeking Solace said...

It just seems like Christmas is starting earlier and earlier. All of this really sucks out the true meaning of the season. That's one of the reasons why you will never see me anywhere near a mall during Black Friday. I get that it helps those who work in retail. But, I've worked in retail on Black Friday...I was so grateful to go home at the end of the day!

Rev Dr Mom said...

I totally agree!

For me, even the day after Thanksgiving is too soon. I like the whole notion of doing Advent for four weeks, and then celebrating Christmas for 12 days, ending Jan. 6. Call me old fashioned. I think it is NUTS that Halloween candy is replaced by Christmas stuff. And worse, the day after Christmas it will be Valentines!