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Friday, November 15, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day #14: Not Even a Rock

Posted by Seeking Solace |

You may recall that I mentioned about applying for a full time faculty position at HBCU. You may also recall my frustration with no one in the department contacting me or even acknowledging my emails and phone calls regarding my submission or even acknowledging they even received my submission?

They hired someone for the position.

How do I know? The ad was pulled from the website. Also, there is a new name listed among the faculty in that department.

I am speechless.

I thought for sure that I would get a pity interview, given that I am an internal candidate.  But, I got nothing.

OK. I get that my doctorate in a law degree and my master's is not in the actual content area. But, my law degree does allow me to teach about half of their courses in the program. Also, I have some skills that would benefit not just the program, but the entire social science department. But, even if my degree does not fit the criteria they want, the least they could have done was to acknowledge me or send the standard "F-you" letter. 

I'm worse off than Charlie Brown, I didn't even get a rock. 

So, that makes me wonder...Why in the hell would I want to continue teaching at this school, if that is how people are treated? Part of me wants to march down there, sit outside the decision maker's office and have them tell me to my face why they did what they didn't do me the basic courtesy of saying "Thank you for your submission, but we can't use you because of...".

Or better still.."Thank you for your submission...Don't call us, we'll call you."

So, I sit here, knowing that I have work to do for the online class that I am teaching, but I don't want to even do anything connected for HBCU right now. I am too angry, upset and slightly hungover to deal with it right now.


chicago foodie girl said...

Ugh, that sucks! I'm so sorry, girlie. I went through something similar at Small College -- I spent 8 years there and was passed over three times for full-time positions (along with multiple other instructors who had been there just as long or even longer). While I was interviewed once, I later found out that they interviewed all of the adjuncts who applied in an attempt to keep the peace and satisfy the adjunct union president's complaints. LAME. They had the attitude that if you were an adjunct once, you're an adjunct forever.

It definitely created a a rift, but I just put up my wall, did the best I could for my students... and got the hell out of there the first chance I had!

Seeking Solace said...

Thanks, friend! That's kinda how I feel about the whole situation.

I don't want to quit because I don't have anything else, job-wise. I am just going to do what I need to do and keep looking.

But yeah, the whole thing is pretty shitty.