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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day #12: My Writing Place

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We have a four bedroom house. We have a lovely master suite with a large bathroom and my almost dream closet (My dream closet is a Carrie Bradshaw closet from the Sex in City movie...but the one I have is pretty nice). Another bedroom is the dedicated office/guest room. The third bedroom in the home gym/man cave. The remaining bedroom is set to be the permanent guest room, as soon as we buy suitable furniture for it. For now, it is a "catch all" room that holds anything and everything.

For a while, the office was Husband's space because he worked remotely. I didn't really share the space with him because of his equipment and his need to spread out to work (Husband is an engineer). About a year and a half ago, Husband's company closed the office in Lake Effect Snow Central and he ultimately found another job in Elsewhere, which also meant no more working remotely.

The office sat vacant for a while. Last fall, I moved my stuff in to the office. I had started working on PhD at Elsewhere State and needed a space to work.  It worked out just fine for the fall semester. But when I accepted the job at Tech College, I took a break from PhD classes. Again, the office had no one to call it home.

Now that I am home pretty much all the time, the office has become mine again. But, I have trouble working there. The office also serves as the guest room. It is also the room where Husband is sent when his snoring interferes with my slumber. The duel purpose of the room makes it difficult for me to focus. So, I go from the guestroom/office to the living room to dinning room table in desperate search to carve a space that will inspire me and motivate me.

We plan to go furniture shopping in the next week or so to finally furnish the actual guest room so that the office is truly an office.

Until then, I will find my own space...somewhere.