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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pull Your Pants Up

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I'm not talking about guys who wear sagging pants; I'm talking about ME! Since September, I've lost 35 pounds. I weigh less now than I did when I moved to Elsewhere. I'm down 3 pants/dress sizes and wear medium tops.

Yay me! 

I've been using LoseIt. It's a calorie tracker which allows you to track your food intake. It's like Weight Watchers, only it's free.  You can use a smart phone or track online. One of the things I love is the ability to scan bar codes with my phone.  It sets you up to lose 2 pounds a week, maximum. The calorie intake is starvation diets. It have a database of food, including store brand foods and restaurant listings.  You can also buy back calories when you exercise. So, I can log in workouts or other activities.

I don't know why I hadn't tried this in the past. I've tried everything reasonable. I've worked out during my periods of remission, but I've never seen this kind of result. I didn't think I had the discipline to track my calories. I'm very vigilante about logging in my data.  Although, I  wonder about whether I will get to a point where I will not have to enter the information and just trust myself.

I think what LoseIt has helped me do is realize how much I eat. Portion sizes really do matter.  I am more aware of how many calories are in a particular food. I think about how much I need versus how much I want. I also realize that I can still have junk food or alcohol. I just budget accordingly. I also don't get upset if I go over...I just vow to do better the next day.

What's great is that I've noticed that the weight loss has helped my joints. Less weight means less impact. My RA doc is really pleased with that. It has also done wonders with my mood. With all the work-related drama, I don't seem as depressed. Also, I do have energy to exercise. In fact, I actually did a slow jog on my treadmill for five minutes.  It may not seem like much, but for me, it's huge. I was a runner back in the day.  (I did take an exercise break during the most recent flare.)

So now, my clothes situation. I really am having trouble with pants. I have to wear belts because I can't keep my pants up! I would buy new ones, but I  have 16 pounds left to my goal. So, I don't want to buy new stuff, only to have to purchase again. I could go to the tailor, but I see the same problem.  OK, I know, it's a good problem to have, but I feel like I am trapped in the 80's with my baggy pants look!  I have jettisoned my larger sized clothes because I am so not going there again. But, I still have one size higher than what I am right now.

I know, I's a good problem to have.


Rebecca said...

Congratulations!!! Yes, it is a GREAT problem to have. I know, because I'm having a similar one.

But I just want to remind you that, in the same way you can get back on track after eating the wrong foods, you can also get back on track if you end up gaining a few pounds.

I don't get too bothered by anything under 5, I just focus and get strict with myself for a little bit. It's so great to not have that feeling of giving up because of a backslide. And that comes from knowing that it's possible to lose without starving yourself. You've found the key.

I have to admit, I went a bit further afield than I'd planned and was a little discouraged to see SEVEN whole pounds creep back up. But a couple of days into my "get serious" routine saw enough of an improvement that I relaxed again.

I may not meet my weight goal by my date goal, but I am still 35 pounds lighter than I was when I started, and I am confident I can shed the last 15. That keeps me from getting too stressed about exact weights and exact dates.

But you know what the very best thing is? Finding out just how well you can eat and maintain a weight. Instead of getting frustrated by smaller weight loss increments, I take comfort in knowing that I will be able to eat so amazingly well when I hit my maintenance weight.

Anyway, good luck! Can't wait to see your shopping results when you finally hit the stores.:)

Seeking Solace said...

Rebeca: Thanks and cheers to you for your accomplishments. Like you, right now feels good, but I still want to reach my goal.

I definitely have to remind myself of slight fluctuations, especially since I am on steroids right now. I am being mindful and drinking lost of water to help with the bloat.

Sounds like we both found the key!