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Monday, March 04, 2013

Cowgirl in the Jungle

Posted by Seeking Solace |

We've gotta roll with the punches;
Learn to play all of our hunches;
Makin' the best of whatever comes your way.
Forget that blind ambition;
And learn to trust your intuition;
Plowin' straight ahead come what may.

Cowboy In The Jungle by Jimmy Buffett

That's me...plowing straight ahead. I've busted through a couple of plateaus. 

I am getting used to the demands of being a Dean. I've started to find my way in understanding what my role is. For one, there are lots of metrics that I not only have to keep track of, but I am also responsible for their outcomes. Every day, I am running and interpreting numbers and trying to either fix or justify their existence.  I am trusting my gut in my decision making. I'll save my comments about faculty and students, as each deserve their own post.

The other plateau is my weight. I was stuck on the same number for the longest time, no gain or loss. Finally, I broke through and lost 2.5 pounds during the last two weeks of February.  I think the stress of the new job and adjusting to my new schedule made the weight loss tough. But now that I have regular routine, I think the weight will come off.

Finally, I've been dealing with some jaw issues. Ever since I had my braces removed when I was 17, I've always been able to pop my jaw  I've caught myself clenching my teeth. lately. It's not been a big deal until recently. The right side has been quite painful. Chewing has been a problem. My dentist gave me muscle relaxers which helped a little, but she wants me to see a dental facial specialist. We'll see what happens. I think sleeping with a mouth guard at night may be in my future.

This cowgirl is plowing ahead....come what may. 


rented life said...

Good luck with the jaw, I know how painful that is. Warm compresses and ice packs helped a lot too. There are exercises you can do for TMJ (just google)--that worked for my dad. Mine was caused by a dentist who refused to fix my bite after dental work. Two years later I finally found a guy who fixed it on the first visit. Can't believe the difference.

Seeking Solace said...

Thanks, RL. I hope this guy can fix it.

chicago foodie girl said...

Congrats on breaking through the plateau! You're rockin' it! :-)

Nitewriter said...

It takes a while to get used to a new job especially one with so much responsibility. Sounds like you've gotten a handle on that. Hopefully less stress will ease the jaw pain. Is it part of the RA do you think? I have serious issues with mine occasionally but it comes and goes after a month or so. Damn stuff moves around all the freaking time!! Hope you're feeling better very soon. Good deal on the weight loss.

Nan said...

RA can hit your jaw...I get it in my jaw every now and then and I used to think it was TMJ until my docotor explained that RA can settle in those joints too...warmth helps me....