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Monday, November 12, 2012


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I applied for an administrative position at another college. I enjoy my little corner of the world. I have a great wing-man in my one faculty member and my student are, in general, awesome. My boss, the dean, is a great supervisor and has become a great friend and supporter. He has been guiding me through the PhD process, which he just finished.  I have wonderful colleagues, including two who have become great buddies.

So, why leave?

Things are not so great at the top. There is a lot of restructuring with little communication to the masses. New mandates come from the ivory tower with little rhyme or reason to them. There is no collaboration from the masses, but we are expected to implement the changes immediately.  I also can't take the HMFIC anymore. Since he took over this year, it's been miserable. Finally, I just don't see myself moving forward in my current position. The HMIFC has made things rather difficult for me, or anyone, to move up.

Anyway, I applied for this position at another college. It's a full administrative position. A former colleague who works at this college said he would forward my information up the chain and put in a good word for me. The college asked me to complete a DISC profile, which is not a big deal since I've done one before. I could have told College Where I Am Applying that I am a D/C (Dominate/Cautious).  At any rate, that portion is done, so now I just sit and wait.

And wait.


Nitewriter said...

Sounds like a smart move! Best of luck with that. Will be waiting with you :-)