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Monday, August 27, 2012

Family Plan

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Junior had his annual checkup at the vet. Everything looks great except that he is 10 pounds overweight.

Junior is now on a diet. So, is the rest of the house.

Husband and I were working out regularly, But, life got in the way and we kind of slacked off a bit. We've been eating a lot of garbage food lately. Needless to say, we both need to shed some pounds. So, we are committed to losing 10 pounds by October 25th.

The plan includes making healthier choices, especially at lunch. Husband has been eating too much fast food for lunch. Husband also has a potato chip addiction. He can go through an entire bag in a two days. I've been just eating too much junk food, especially at work. People so need to stop bringing in stuff and just leaving it in the break room. I am keeping healthy, tasty snacks in my office which should help keep the cravings for crap at bay.

We've been eating way too much take out. It's easier to pick up something on the way home than to cook when it's stupid hot outside. Even grilling outside can be rough. But, now that it is cooler (80's are considered cool here), we can grill outside or cook more inside. We have agreed to eat out on Wednesdays after my class and going out on our Friday date nights.

We have recommitted to our workouts. Since my class is on Wednesday nights, we had to re-work out schedule. We moved to working out on Sundays, which is nice because we can take Jake for hikes now that it is not so stupid hot.

And Jake is getting less treats and more walks and doggie day camp time. Jake will pin his ears back and look super cute and pathetic that it makes you WANT to give him a treat. That is going to stop. He is going to have to settle for less treats and more belly rubs!

That's the plan. Let's hope it works!