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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lessons from a Dog

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Lately, my lives is get up, go to work, come home, maybe work out and go to bed. Next day, repeat. It's Thursday and I have no clue where the week had gone. And, I am just too brain-dead to even think about writing.

I would love to take a mental health day, but with things so crazy right now, it's not an option. Perhaps this weekend, I can shoot for some down time.

As I type, Junior is passed out on the couch. Junior can fall asleep anytime, anywhere. And when he sleeps, he is out like a light.

I envy my dog.

Seriously, the biggest worry in his world is if he is going to get his dinner on time. He doesn't worry about whether his grading is done. He doesn't have people bugging him all hours of the day about stuff that could have been solved by the person who asked. He can shut his brain off and the little voices in his head don't bug him all night. (Although, I suspect when he is growling or running in his sleep, he is being chased by the giant squirrel.)

Yeah, he's got it good…except for the having to go outside to use the bathroom.

But, I think there might be a lesson for me. Junior lives in the moment. He doesn't worry about stuff that hasn't happened yet. He just "let's it be".

Smart dog.


JaneB said...

My cat even has an indoor bathroom!

abcsofra said...

Yup, live in the moment. Now if we could just mimic our animals....wouldn't that be lovely.

Alice said...

Yep, smart dog and even smarter cats! :) I wish I could teach our dog use the litter box, like our cat does... Better for her and better for us... Hmmm.... I wonder if anybody ever tried doing that... Not that I have the kind of time something like this will mostly likely take...

Aaaaaaaaah, my life is pretty much the same -- a constant stream of demands, many of which are created by annoying bureaucrats...

Anonymous said...

My dogs sleep all day while I'm working. They choose various beds and sofas around the house. Every couple of hours they'll stir, and sometimes play musical sleeping places. Sometimes it's all I can do to chuck work and join them!!