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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Help Me Decide...Yes, Another Shoe Post

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I am going all out for my Supreme Court admission. This means a new suit and, of course, SHOES!!!  I have always wanted a pair of Manolo Blanik shoes, and not becuase of Sex and the City. I have been saving money out of my paycheck to purchase a pair. I now have enough money to buy them now. But, I can't decide which pair.

Choice A is a classic black Mary Jane pump.

Choice B is a great red pump with a little design.

Choice C is a funky blue pump.

I could stick with a classic, which is what I would usually do. Plus, the heel height on A and B is preferable to  C. I don't know if I can handle four inch heels at this stage of my life. I used to have no trouble...

There are other shoes that I like too.  Who can resist the red bottom of Christian Louboutin?

Choice D

Choice E

OK. I know what you are thinking. I must be crazy to spend that kind of money on shoes. And, yes, it is a shit-load of money. But, this is a once in a lifetime moment in my life. I have worked myself stupid to reach this point in my career as an academic and a lawyer. Even though I will probably never argue a case ( I am no longer actively practicing law), it's a huge deal. And, since I am being a good girl by saving my money to pay for this in cash...why the hell not?

OK, so those of you who would like to help me decide, cast your vote. I do have enough money to purchase these now. So, at least I will have my shoes before November.


rented life said...

You already know that I think you should ignore anyone who says anything about not getting shoes and "Just buy the damn shoes!" hehe.

I'm torn. I didn't like the blue and I expected to, because I like blue. Choice A is very you, but I also feel like you may have others ones too similar. This is a treat, they should look a little different. D felt a little...underwhelming. so that leaves (to me) B and E and for reasons I can't explain, E really speaks to me. But I could fully see you in either! What color is your suit?

MissDazey said...

I missed something, can you please fill me in on Supreme Court appearance.

I vote shoe B

Seeking Solace said...

RL: I still have that sign in my office! The suit that I want is grey. I will post a link.

MissDazey: I was selected from a group of program chairs to be sworn in to admission before the US Supreme Court.

deb aka murphthesurf said...

I like choice E but go with your heart! If you need conservative style since this is a Supreme Court thing then black is the way to go but I say...what the heck...we only live once and red is ahead!

BrightStar (B*) said...

They are all fierce, and you would look great in any of them. I am excited that you are going to buy a pair.

I think it's important that you buy shoes that you will be able to wear -- I don't know which height of the heel that you would prefer.

That said, D seems so classic! I would choose that pair. If you're going to invest, you'll want a pair to wear for years.

I didn't love the rounded toe of E.

Of the Manolo Blahnik shoes, I like B. The color is awesome, as is the design near the toe.

But you can't go wrong with any of them! You'll look great. Let us know what you decide.

rented life said...

B*, I think what I liked about E is the rounded toe, but the more I think about SS, the more the pointed toe is her. She wears pointed much more often!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE Choice B!!
Who can resist a red heel? :-)


Karen said...

B! No contest for me, I am ALL about B!

Rebecca said...

The red with the design, especially after looking at the suit choices. I LOVE those funky blue shoes, but not for this occasion. I go for the Mary Janes, too, but I don't think they are special enough. The red w/design hits the sweet spot, imo, special but not outrageous.

comebacknikki said...

I love, love, love the Louboutin mary janes (but I am sooo a MJ type of girl)! After those, I would go with B (a very close second!) -- the cutouts are quite lovely.

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Can't go wrong with red shoes. I love option B! I also like D, very classic.