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Friday, June 24, 2011

Can't Slow Down

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Since my return from my trip, things have yet to slow down. This was the last week of lecture for the term, and true to form, students are going bat-shit crazy. Yesterday, I was ready to throw someone out of my office if they came in whinning, bitching or with an attitude. Plus, I made my presentation to the power that be regarding my trip. They are very open to the changes. the HMFIC wants me to present an action plan to the VP next week. Whoa! 

I am behind on so many things right now. I have so much back grading to do. I needed to send something to a bloggy friend that I got on my trip. I also need to do a huge favor for another bloggy friend so that something wonderful will happen for her. I swear I need a personal assistant or a clone.

In other news, my wonderful garden is no more. Somehow, deer figured out how to crash the six foot mesh fence Husband built. They ate all my broccoli, tomatoes and pepper. To add insult to injury, they left their calling card.

This makes for one tired, grumpy  Seeking Solace.  To combat a bad case of cranks and grumps, I had Indian food and watched reruns of Sex in the City last night. Today after work, I went to the day spa in my neighborhood and had a citrus and mint foot scrub and pedi.

Feeling much better...but I am still pissed about the garden!


deb aka murphthesurf said...

We did a Fridate here at our house. My youngest got a four day weekend break before the second set of college summer classes start...she is going to graduate a year early. Watching her I am beginning to think this must be a college thing...kinda like you guys are rats in the maze. I am sooo glad you did the! Fridates are must dos to relieve stress and we both know how stressful autoimmune stuff can be on top of life. Take care of yourself. And so sorry about your garden :-( I really do know how much work gardens can be.

rented life said...

UGH! So sorry about the garden. That blows. Is it too late to start any of them over? Stupid deer. Hope you get some down time this weekend!

Alice said...

Sorry about whining students and invading deer... Congrats on presentation and taking time to pamper yourself! :)