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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Can You Go Home Again

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Husband and I are in Lake Effect Snow Central for a couple of days. My friend, J, is getting married on Saturday. I've already tweeted jokes about the "5/21/11 Beginning of the End" claim. (I'm an agnostic reading from the Bible in a church..)

Anywho, it will be great to see old friends and get caught up. Also, I will be making a mule run to Favorite Grocery Store and Favorite Coffee and Doughnut Place to get some of my favorite items that are just not the same in Elsewhere. I am also taking back some of the local delicacy that makes LESC famous. (They have insulated bags for it!)

I must say, I knew I was back in the state LESC is located when Husband and I got serious attitude from the lady at the car rental counter. We did not arrive in LESC until 11 p.m. last night. We were tired after being stuck in Big Apple Airport for five hours as a result of the rain. The lady at the counter was extremely rude and kept asking Husband "Why do you keep looking at me like that? What is your problem?" Husband told her that we had been on a long flight and if he appeared to be giving her attitude, he really wasn't.". She just did not let up. I give Husband a lot of credit for not going off on her.

I think Husband and I are spoiled on the type of hospitality that the region where Elsewhere is located. People are very polite, even if you are pissy with them. It's always "Yes, sir", "Thank you, ma'am" and "Have a nice day." As soon as that woman started giving us attitude, I found myself falling right back into that "Bitch, you want attitude" mode. So not what I am used to, anymore.

Now, I know not everyone is like that. People in LESC are some of the kindest and most generous folk around. But, if you were not from the area and knew that, you would think everyone are a bunch of rude ass-hats.

Not a nice welcome home. But, I know that Husband and I do have some wonderful friends who will welcome us home with open arms...and no attitude.


Brigindo said...

Have a lovely visit. I'm rather ambivalent about my trips so both exactly what I know and brand new at the same time.

rented life said...

It's totally just that airport. They are awful there. The rest of us who live here are great :) Can't wait to see you!

Seeking Solace said...

BridgindO: Yep. it's the same when I go to Hometwon.

RL: Yep, There are some good folk in LESC! Cant' wait to see you too!!!!