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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can I Have Another Vacation....Please?

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Seriously....I need another vacation.

I returned to work on Monday, only to find out that possibly two of my faculty may have "inflated" their grades. One gave an entire class "A's". Now, it would be great if this class were a group of phenomenal students, but I had that group the previous term. Only a few were truly capable of "A" work. The rest were B/C students with a couple of failures thrown in. More ranting about this to come.

There was a suspension hearing for Double Trouble. Long story, but let's just say they did something where the phase "What the hell is wrong with you?" was appropriate. They were suspended for a least one term.

Then the parents got involved...and they brought a lawyer.

The Reader's Digest version is that Double Trouble did not tell the whole story to their moms. And, you could tell that the lawyer was thinking that she wasted time on this when she could be billing time.

More to come, I promise.

Then, the Spring term began with little fanfare. Just long days of dealing with drop/add which will continue into this week.

Oh, and did I mention that we had tornado activity yesterday?

Husband, the Boy and I were hunkered down in our "safe room" which is our half bath that can only fit two adults and one large dog. We stayed there for about half and hour. No damages to our home or neighborhood, but much of Elsewhere took a huge hit.

And it's back to work on Monday...sigh.

Needless to say...I need another vacation already!


Anonymous said...

We had horrible storms, too. Vacays can be bad when too much shit goes down when you're gone. Hope your week goes well.

rented life said...

Glad you're ok! I think I have some student that wish I would inflate grades. Apparently the argument "well I TRIED" should equal an A. Lawyer story should be interesting!

Alice said...

Here is a virtual hug! :)