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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Purple Concert

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Seriously. Best. Concert. EVER!!!! Husband and I went to see His Royal Badness the other night. I had wanted to see Prince since, well, forever. So, when the opportunity came to strike another artist off my bucket list, I had to get tickets.

Chaka Kahn opened the show. That was worth the price of admission already. She looks phenomenal and her voice was just perfect. Every woman in the audience was on their feet and dancing to "I'm Every Woman".

Then it was Prince's turn. Let me say that at 52, he is truly on sexy M.F!!!! He looks awesome and can still put on a great show. He did not do any of his more "dirty" songs; I think being a JW put the kibosh on that. You could tell he reaaaallly want to though.

One hilarious moment was during "Play That Funky Music". He had people who were close to the stage come up and dance. Well, there was this woman who was a little on the chunky side who wanted to do a "booty slap" dance with Prince. Well, I don't think he was having any of it, as he tried to avoid this woman like she was a leper. And, it was all shown on the giant screens! I should check YouTube to see if anyone posted the scene.

The band and backup singers were incredible. The backup singers did a cover of "Angel" that would make Sarah McLachlan proud.

Here's the set list.
When Doves Cry
Nasty Girl
Sign "O" the Times
The Most Beautiful Girl
Alphabet Street
Hot Thing
If I Was Your Girlfriend
Raspberry Beret Cream
Let's Work
U Got the Look
Sweet Thing With Chaka Khan
Controvery/Housequake snippet/Controversy/Love Rollercoaster snippet Play That Funky Music
Let's Go Crazy
Little Red Corvette
Purple Rain

Encore 1
She's Always In My Hair intro Kiss

Encore 2

Now, some of the songs in the set-list were shorter verses done medley style. It would be next to impossible for him to play everything. Also, we missed the second encore. After "Kiss", the house lights came up, which is usually a signal that the show is over. So, of course, we left. Well, it wasn't over. The arena was about 95% empty and Price came back out with the house lights up and did DSMR! I am so bummed I missed that.

Next time, I won't leave until they start tearing down the stage!


comebacknikki said...

I'm so glad to hear you had such a good time. Of course, I'm slightly biased, but Prince concerts are ALWAYS the best! :-)

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