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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back To Basics

Posted by Seeking Solace |

As many of you know, I love fashion and I love to shop. Especially, if I can get a great deal.

This is best shopping time of the year. This is when I stock up on basics. Basics are those standard pieces that no matter what, they work with everything. They never go out of style. Plus, everything is pretty inexpensive. Why? Stores need to get rid of excess inventory to make room for spring and summer.

Don't believe me? Watch this...I'll wait.

So, I started my shopping on line. I found pants, this sweater and this turtleneck in dark crimson from Ann Taylor.

Did I mention that I got an additional 40% off each item?

Today, I went to Kohl's to stock up on new bras and underwear. Those are basics you can't miss, particulary when there's a BOGO!

I am continuing my hunt for basics this week. Stay tuned.


rented life said...

I rarely have good luck at Khols, I usually try JCP for that stuff. I walked into NY&Co the other day and they were nearly out of everything! Husband thought they were closing up shop, so I had to explain "nope it's time to make room for new pretty stuff!" :) Happy Shopping.

Rebecca said...

Oh man, that was amazing. Good job. You rock at bargains, for sure.

Seeking Solace said...

RL: I go to Kohl's because it's one of the few places that carry the underwear I like. :) I 'heart" JCP and NY and Co!!!

Try Macy's at Big Ass Mall. They have some killer deals right now.

Anastasia said...

Can I just say that the model in that turtleneck picture has been photoshopped into the proportions of a praying mantis. Scary!

Sherlock said...

Great bargains! I like shopping this time of year. I got some dress pants for conferences and some blazers to mix and match. I had NOTHING for professional wear cause I've worked at home for long. Gotta love a good bargain and you did GOOD!!