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Friday, December 31, 2010


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That is how I would describe 2010...Whirlwind.

It all began in January with the firing of the B and my quest to regain my rightful position as head of the department. I had the difficult task of resurrecting a broken program full of disarray and deflated morale. I also had to prove to the powers that be that I was the horse to bet on if they wanted to see the program become what they envisioned.

From February through April, I pushed, challenged and reorganized the program and those associated with it. There was a steady building of trust and respect from all sides. In the end, I rose victorious and was granted the title that I so deserved.

April and May saw changes on the home-front and Husband and I set the wheels in motion for a return to home ownership. After looking at over 50 homes in person and about a gazillion online, bidding on two, we found our dream house and settled in.

The summer brought adjustments to our life in Elsewhere. The Boy learned to respect the boundaries of the invisible fence. Husband began to got back his yard-work and grilling cred. I began to relish in decorating our new home with small touches. We also enjoyed the closeness to the beaches with a couple of quick getaways.

From September to November, the insanity seemed to increase as my students seemed to have lost their minds and engaged in conduct beyond the normal student stupidness. The students were not too stupid because they named me Professor of the Term. I learned to keep my friends close and my enemies closer at work. I learned not to stand up and try to walk on a foot that is asleep. I had to take not one, but two, big girl shots...literally, as Embrel my weekly routine with Methotrexate.

December roared in with the realization that I do not like the HR aspect of being an administrator as I searched for a new faculty person. The fruits of my hard work paid off as I was given a raise and a bonus for growing the program and maintaining over 90% retention. I was proud to finish everything I wanted by the last day of the term so that I could enjoy 10 days off from work to rest and relax.

Yeah, it was quite a year.


rented life said...

Happy New Year SS!

Psycgirl said...

What an eventful year! Happy New Year Seeking!

RageyOne said...

I've wondered about that invisible fence? Why an invisible fence? Do you all not have a fenced in yard? Therefore, having to create a barrier that The Boy will adhere to when outside?

Rebecca said...

What a great year for you! Certainly some challenges, in your career and physically. But you rose above them and rocked. May your 2011 rock even more.

Seeking Solace said...

Happy New Year to all of you!!!

Ragey: We chose the invisible fence because our subdivision does not allow wooden fences. The metal ones look so institutional. So, our only option was the invisible fence. The Boy has the full backyard and half of each side yard. It's pretty good amount of space for him to play.

Anonymous said...

What an eventful year! Amazing how fast it goes and how much gets packed into 12 months. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Anthea said...

Wow...what an eventful year! Happy New Year!

comebacknikki said...

Happy New Year! :)

RageyOne said...

Oh okay. Thanks for the info. I agree, the metal ones do look institutional and don't add any sort of aesthetics to the home.