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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Relishing R & R

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Sorry for the lack of posting, but I needed a little R & R from the world. And, I must say, it has proven to be quite restful and relaxing.

Husband and I did not travel for the holiday, and it's a good thing we didn't. Elsewhere had it's first white Christmas...ever. We had 8 inches of snow.

Now having grown up in snow country and living in Lake Effect Snow Central for 19 years, this really isn't a big deal. But, to those in Elsewhere, it was armageddon. Husband and I took it in stride. The Boy's alter ego, Snow Dog, made is first Elsewhere appearance.

Too bad the snow will be gone by the end of the week. It's supposed to get to 60 degrees!!!

Husband and I have enjoyed a very quite holiday and a quiet week off. He and the Boy went for a hike in the woods. I did some day after Boxing Day shopping. I am just relishing the time off that I have.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed some much-needed R&R. I had to laugh at your comment about Armageddon -- LOL it's like that around here too. We got about 5 inches but people treated it like a freaking blizzard! Yeah we're getting up to 60 here too this weekend. I'll be glad to see the snow go! Happy 2011!!

Brigindo said...

R&R sounds good. I'm glad you had a quiet holiday. You got a few more inches than we did but I'll be posting a few photos soon.

Anonymous said...

I wish you could hear my girls squealing with delight at the sight of Snow Dog! They love it, especially being as how we never get snow here.

I'm glad you had a restful time!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a lovely, lovely holiday. Happy you got to enjoy it.

comebacknikki said...

I wish I could enjoy the snow as much as Snow Dog! We still have at least three more months of it. :P