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Friday, September 17, 2010


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The last three weeks can only be described as hell. I am running on fumes at the moment. I am just not feeling like doing anything at the moment. I am just tired of everyone and everything. I feel like I am being tugged in too many directions, which leaves me tired, grouchy and extremely snarky (Those of you who know me IRL know that I can let out some serious snark when provoked).

I am not sure what it going on, but I think my students drank the wrong Kool-Aid. I have never seen it this bad. This week I had to send them away because I had enough of the whinning and complaining. I am behind on grading, so I will be spending part of the weekend getting caught up.

On the positive side, Husband and I are checking out the local Y. I have come to the conclusion that working out at home is not working. I am just not that motivated to do it. We checked out the Y when we first moved to Elsewhere, but it was quite a distance from our home. The branch need our house is not far, probably a five minute drive. This is similar to where the Y was in relation to my old house in LESC. So, I am hopeful that going back to an actual gym will help motivate me.

Two weeks to go before the end of the term.



Brigindo said...

Hang in there.

Brigindo said...
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rented life said...

:( ((SS)) Keep counting down and have hubby take care of you!

Alice said...

Yes, hang in there. All of us have groups of students that drive us up the wall but, suprisingly, we still do make a difference. It's just not obvious at the time. I have learned that from students who took other classes from me later.