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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Must. Should. Want...The Lists

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Every Saturday morning, I go through the same routine. What do I need to do vs. what I want to do. My mind is a massive to-do list, as I try to prioritize the wants, the shoulds, and the musts.

The Musts are:

  • Clean the house
  • Get caught up on laundry
  • Grocery shop
  • Brush the Boy becuase he is seriously blowing his coat
  • Balance checkbook
  • Work on first lecture for the seminar that I am team teaching with a colleague that starts on Tuesday.

The Shoulds:
  • Exercise (Husband, the Boy and I did walk a mile, mostly uphill, last night...woot!)
  • Call my mom because she is sick
  • Do some organizing with all the back house paperwork that needs to be filed.
  • Make copies of the tax records so that I can send in for the house tax credit.
  • Shop for rugs for the downstairs, paint for the guest room and stain for the deck.

The Wants:
  • Shop for stuff for me at LUSH because I feel the urge.
  • Go to the Gap to pick up the lounge wear that RL and I saw last week becuase they were just to damn cute to resist.
  • Shop for shoes because my friend, MJ, had these shut-up cute pair of shoes yesterday and they really spoke to me.
  • Shop for stuff for the house that I don't necessarily need right now, but want.
  • Take a nap, even though I woke up two hours ago.
  • Read the James Patterson book I bought at the used bookstore that Husband and I went to last night after dinner. (The store is not far from the house...very dangerous!)

****Tomorrow night, I am going to see Sheryl Crow. I think that is a combination of all three. :)

Some of the things on my list can be accomplished while doing other stuff. Laundry is something that can be done while doing other stuff. I can clean while talking to my mom, thanks to speakerphone. That makes me feel a little less overwhelmed. Actually, as I look at the list, I think I can accomplish most of what I want. Somehow, thinking about what you have to do is much different than writing it down and really seeing it.

And on that note...I am going to dive in.


Alice said...

Call your Mom first! :)

MissDazey said...

Hope you Mom is feeling better. Yes, as Alice mentioned, that's an important phone call.

Of course, I also would get the lounge wear, rest and read the James Patterson or some other book.

Hugs to Boy.

Anonymous said...

Get one of those cordless phones with a headset and make phone calls while doing anything and everything. A friend and her sister had a once a week phone date and they talked for two hours while they both cleaned house (well except for when the vaccuming got too noisy!).

Good luck with your list!