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Monday, July 19, 2010


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The Boy is in training. We just had an invisible fence installed, so we have to teach him the boundaries.

The Boy does not get zapped on the few days of training. For now, Husband and I take turns taking the Boy within a couple of feet of the flag barrier. Once we hear the beep on his collar, then we run away from the flag, giving him praise. So far, the Boy is doing well. He is already sensing the beep on his collar and responds to moving away from it.

I am worried about Day 4 when we introduce the zap. It's a static shock that comes from the collar. The frequency should start low, so as to not traumatize the dog. But, I know when I hear the Boy say "Yipe", it will just drive me crazy. I can't stand to see him yipe. But, I know it's what's best and Husband has assured me that we will not let him yipe.

I hope so. I can be such a neurotic doggie mom.

Oh, and on an unrelated note, I chose A. I love the way they look!!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear how it goes. Our neighbors behind us have a fence like that and their two big dogs stay outside 24/7. Fortunately they're good dogs and don't bark unless something's going on. It would be nice to let the dogs run around our acre yard but only part of it is fenced (enough for the smaller dogs but not nearly enough for Beau). I'll be watching for an update. Once the Boy gets used to the invisible fence, he'll love having the room to run.

Kai said...

Oh I would worry about the yipe too, but Husband is right, it is a very low zap and they learn quickly to avoid it. Boy will LOVE having freedom!!!

Anonymous said...


RageyOne said... I see that you selected shoe A. :)