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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Work World Turned Upside-Down

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This week, two people stopped working at Private College. One person resigned and the other was fired. The one who was fired deserved it. One can not walk into the Dean's office and say "I can't teach these people because they are unteachable." Granted, the student demographic that attend Private College do have some academic concerns. That being said, one knows this going in. One may complain to colleauges about these challenges, maybe even blog about it like yours truly. But, to say that to the Dean who is also your boss?

This guy has also been the subject of student complaints about comments that teeter on the edge of being racist. Basically, he has said things to students that are not "in your face" racist, but would give one pause. So, between that and his comments to the Dean, it was time for him to go.

The second person resigned. This one really sucks because this is someone that I really like and have become friends with. P works in a different department than me. Her supervisor, M, has been driving her crazy. M does not do her job; she dumps her work on P, who is stuck doing two jobs. On top of that P got grief because she had someone contact M that she could not come to work because she was in the ER. M blew a gasket and wrote P up. No warning or anything, just wrote her up. On top of all that, there has just been a lot of tension between P and M. P had enough and decided her sanity was more important.

Hardly anyone at work likes M and M doesn't like anyone at work. She bitches and moans about everything. She doesn't do her job at all. She also has the HMIFC's ear, which frustrates everyone at work. And, for whatever reason, she LIKES me. Just my luck. With P gone, I will have more contact with M.

So here's what really bizarre. P and I are meeting for coffee today. M has invited Husband and I to dinner tonight. P knows about my situation and doesn't envy me at all. I am kind of dreading this dinner because I am afraid that P may come up in the conversation, which for me is a no-no. I refuse to disrespect P by gossiping with M. But, I do not want to piss off M becuase I have to work with her. So, I will be polite, but I refuse to engage in disrespectful discourse.

See, my philosphy is to fly below radar at work. Don't do anything intentionally to piss people off. Know who the ones are that you need to watch. Be smart with what you say and whom you say it to. I like to think of myself like the country of Switzerland...neutral.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just do your job without the drama?


TiredProf said...

Amen, sister!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are pretty much digging a hole to make that comment to administration.

We have a few people I'd like to see go for similar reasons. Our dean actually told me point blank that one particular instructor would not be a candidate for a pilot program in a neighboring struggling college (trying to get accreditation back) because the student demographic was mostly black and that instructor did not work well with male black students. What? I don't know why she's still there except that you practically have to commit a crime in order to not get your contract renewed around my spot.

Echo on the drama. I'm this close to my semesster ending, and I'm taking the summer off.

Anonymous said...

PS Good luck at the dinner!

rented life said...

the guy who said that to the dean...well I know some people he'd get along with up here. Someone said something similar to husband about students at his school and husband WENT OFF on the woman. And who writes up someone for being in the ER? What a freak. good luck with dinner.