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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Other Side of the Job Hunt

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I am in the process of looking for an adjunct to teach one of the classes in my department. This has proven to be quite an exercise.

First, some of the candidates have submitted resumes that are absolutely horrible. There are format mistakes, misspelled words and questionable credentials. One guy sent me a email with his resume in short blurbs, as if he was brainstorming what to actually put in a resume.

Did I mention that these are lawyers?

Well, I ended up interviewing two people Canidate #1 was awesome. She did a great teaching demo. We conected very well. I offered her the positon, but she had to decline due to some sudden personal issues.

Canidate #2 was pretty good. He knows the subject area, but I am concerned about his ability to tailor his style to the student demographic at my college. It's not fatal, because I can give him guidence. But, I really want someone who I can just cut losse.

That leads to Canidate #3. She is someone I would like to talk to, that is, if I could actually talk to a live person. I keep getting her voice mail. We are playing phone tag. Seems to me that if someone is really serious about a job, especially in this economy, one would ahve their cell phone attached to them?

Did I mention that she did not provide an email on her resume?

So, I am thinking of just telling Canidate #3 that I just cannot wait for her to decide if she is serious or not. While I am not completely sold on Canidate #2, I can at least work with him.

Oh, and did I mention I need to have this all figured out by Thursday?

OK, opinons welcome here. Should I just hire #2 and hope I can mold him before next semester? Should I tell #3 to shit or get off the pot? Should I just drop back 10 yards and punt?


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Take #2, work with him and if he doesn't work out -- see if you can contact #3 for the following term.

Anonymous said...

Give #3 till the end of today. Leave a message early today with the ultimatum deadline of mid-afternoon to get back to you about this job. Then also mention that you're still interviewing for upcoming classes for the next term.

And I'd do that -- keep the ads out and interview a few more people and line up some names to take over a class next term if you need someone. Lots of people like to teach just one class occasionally, not even every term. It's good to have some names to call on when you need someone.

RageyOne said...

Amazing that the resumes you are receiving are from people with post-secondary degrees? What, do they think they don't have to be professional due to the degree? More and more, I am becoming a cynic about the professionalism of so-called professionals. Perhaps it is a feeling of entitlement...which is whole 'nother can of worms.

Go with #2. I would be concerned about #3's ability to follow through if she can't see to it take a phone call about a potential job. I mean, she did apply, right? Perhaps she doesn't really need the job, and was just seeing if she could get to this point. No matter, her professionalism in this case is less than desired, as far as I'm concerned.

rented life said...

I agree with Ragey, if you're getting her voicemail more than once, she's not as interested as she should be. And the fact she didn't provide an e-mail is frightening. In this day and age e-mail is crucial as a means of contact. Her unavailability would make me question whether or not she'd be available to her students. And keep interviewing. The CC I'm at keeps resumes on file for a long time--it was 2 years after I applied that they called me and I was still interested. A lot of places keep it open like that.

Just make it clear to #2 what you need from him when he starts.

And yeah, my cellphone is totally attached to my hip. :)

Psycgirl said...

Go with #2. Leave #3 a voicemail message telling her you gave the position to someone else because you did not hear back from her.

Just wondering though - how long has this been going on? Is it possible she's out of town (and this is a land line?)

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