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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

New Normal

Posted by Seeking Solace |

This was a strange week. The crazy weather resulted in classes being cancelled for three days. I must admit that the last few days have been nice because I am caught up or slightly ahead with my prep work and grading. The downside is that I had to revamp my calendar for all of my courses. I think everything will work out in the end.

It's amazing how different this area handles snow. Back in LESC, snow was a given. Schools would NEVER close with the small amount of snow we had in Elsewhere. But in Elsewhere's defense, they just don't have the means to deal with snow. So, there isn't much to do but close everything until everything can be cleared.

I have to admit, it was nice not having to drive in a blinding snowstorm wondering why they didn't close campus!


dr four eyes said...

If it helps, the winter's in Elsewhere won't always have this much snow--this seems to have been a particularly snowy year and you'll get these every few years (that's why it's not worth it stock up on equipment, etc). But many winters won't have any snow. The worst, though, are the ice storms--nothing like ice to pull trees and power lines down!

RageyOne said...

At least you realize that Elsewhere and places in the warmer climate don't know how to handle or have the means to deal with snow. Unfortunately, so many people from regions of the country that deal with snow every winter don't understand how those of us in the south are paralyzed by snow. We're simply not used to it!

Glad it gave you some time to get things done!

Sherlock said...

I'm in an area that sees snow like this on about a 8-10 yr cycle. For a couple of winters, we'll have a few really decent snows. Then for a bunch of winters, we'll have anything from a dusting to nothing.

Hey two years ago we were camping on Super Bowl weekend! LOL No way this weekend!

It's a cycle. We do have a snow thrower but it's a bazillion years old. It was my dad's and now it's ours. In the 9 years we've been in this house, this weekend will be only the 6th time we've used it and four of those have been in the last two months!

Enjoy! You might not see snow again for several years :-)