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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Feet

Posted by Seeking Solace |

This semester, I am teaching three classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. Needless to say, my feet are not happy about that. Seems my feet are rebelling against my pointy toe pumps, which in previous years, have not caused me any issues. In the past, I could wear pumps all day. I could teach, run up and down stairs and my feet would not complain. But now, my feet are grumbling, so I am listening.

I have scaled back wearing my pointy toe pumps to my lighter teaching days. I have been buying more comfy shoes, but cuteness is a huge issue for me. My shoes have to be cute. Yesterday, I tried on these and was in love. Not only were they super comfy, but I dare say, they are shut up cute. Sadly, the store did not have my size in the color I wanted, so it was Zappo's to the rescue. Even at Zappo's, there were only two pairs left! I guess there are a few others who think these are comfy, shut up cute shoes too.

I won't give up my pointy toe pumps anytime soon. After all, they do give the illusion of height and lengthening of the leg. I am just going to have to make some adjustments. After all, you gotta take care of your feet.


Kai said...

I went on a shoe binge on Friday too, I sadly can NOT master walking in heels, but did find super cute flats at Aldo that are SO comfy. Why WHY is it so hard to find cute, comfy shoes?!

RageyOne said...

those are WAY cute! also one of my favorite brands! score!

Anonymous said...

I love Clarks shoes. I started buying them about 12 years ago when I had to stop wearing regular shoes. Now I wear clogs or maryjane sneakers all the time. But my Clarks? Oh my Clarks are still in the closet and I break them out every once and a while. They're the only shoes I've kept all these years that I can still wear occasionally.

comebacknikki said...

Oh, those are so cute! I have a similar pair (Clarks Passion) & absolutely love them!