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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Get Organized

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Once when my nephew was four, he was stay at my MIL's for a week of "Grandma Camp". Near the end of his stay, he looked at all of his things that he had brought with him, along with the toys that he keeps at Grandma's and said "I need to get organized."

Just like my nephew, I need to get organized. The beginning of the new year is that time where you need to start closing out the previous year and setting up the next. It's the same for every new semester. You have to close out the last, and start organizing for the new.

Of course, there is the usual semester prep work. That goes without saying. Now that I am back to full time work, I need to get my finances back on track. I had suspended my retirement investing and other financial planning. So, I need to look at my portfolio and get that ball rolling again. I also need to recalculate my withholding so that I either break even or owe a little at tax time next year. I refuse to have a IRS refund because the thought of the federal government having my money interest free for a year is offensive to me.

Also, I am putting together a fund for a return trip to see my friends in LES in either May or June. I will contribute a set amount from my paycheck every two weeks. That way, when the time comes, I will have enough cash. It's a strategy that Husband and I always use when we want something very special. Rather than slapping it on the credit card and worrying about how to pay for it, we plan and save the cash. We will put the money in an envelope and set it aside. It's important to take it out of the account becuase it's just too hard to keep track of what money is earmarked for what purpose. Then when the time comes, we can pay for whatever it is we are saving.

Also, I am putting together my workout schedule. I want to focus on getting back into a routine. I think I am going to need exercise now more than ever. The Active Academic will be back in full effect. So, stop by and let me know if you want to contribute.

What are you doing to "get organized"?


Brigindo said...

I'm doing very similar things, budgeting for a couple of items/events b and I really really want; coming up with a new workout schedule, buying and cooking good food and coming up with a schedule for keeping that up; and getting all of my teaching affairs in order. What I really need to do and dread is to finish cleaning my office at work.

Good luck with your organization

Sherlock said...

Same here. I started a week ago with clearing out clutter. I have a tendency to let things pile up. Then we decluttered the office and extra bedroom -- those were so bad we couldn't see the desk or the bed! LOL The den is sort of a lost cause since that's where I work (in my recliner with a large low table beside my chair and a roll top desk piled with books and such).

Next I'm going for the closets. One at a time, not doing more than one a week. I'll make piles of stuff to put in storage for the boys (when they finally buy houses -- it's too much for them to have in rentals when they're going to be moving around a lot). Then more piles of stuff for Goodwill and the dump.

My work stuff is pretty well organized so it's just the house stuff for now.

I'm keeping up better with the cleaning so when spring comes along, I won't have to do spring cleaning!!